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A beautiful healthy landscape is the result of a well planned vision coupled with proper bed composition, appropriate plant selection, and efficient water delivery.  Grant Leighton has the experience to create totally new landscapes or enhance the visual presentation of existing ones.


GLA partners with landscape architects and designers to translate a client’s vision into a beautiful reality.  The design phase incorporates the development of a desired visual with the considerations of budget, soil, irrigation, sunlight exposure, plant hardiness zone, as well as other environmental factors.  


GLA has experience maintaining varied types and sizes of commercial landscape properties including, corporate headquarters, retail centers, shopping malls, athletic fields, HOAs, places of worship, right aways, and schools.  Whether your need is a healthy groomed field of play or a visual display reflecting the quality of your establishment, GLA will help you realize your objective.  


Whether overseeing a landscape project or collaborating with general contractors, GLA has the experience to deliver a unique installation project on time and on budget.  


Many establishments want their visual presentation to change at various times during the year whether it be as the seasons change, for a special event or for an aesthetically appealing upgrade.  GLA will help you devise a plan that maximizes the combination of perennials, annuals, and permanent plant material that helps you achieve your visual plan within your budget. 


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