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Plant & Irrigation System



Irrigation & Water Management

GLA is focused on providing the most cost effective, efficient irrigation system required for the presentation of a visually beautiful landscape. 


Plants need water.  Clients want the lowest cost for providing such water.  Too much moisture can cause certain plants to develop rotting which will prevent their roots from growing properly.  Too little moisture can cause certain plants to wither or die.  Improper irrigation system design or functioning can lead to either/both under watering or/and overwatering on the same property.  GLA promotes the implementation of an ongoing irrigation inspection and maintenance program to ensure the proper amount of water is being delivered to a client’s landscape composition. 

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Plant Watering


Whether examining plans for an initial install or evaluating the efficiency of an existing system, proper water delivery design entails possession of both the experience and knowledge of plants needs and water delivery capabilities of various irrigation components.  Once operational, water management includes monitoring of water usage, regular inspection of irrigation systems and prompt response to issues as they arise. 

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