• Tree/Branch Removal

  • An extremely important part of tree care is recognizing when a tree's health is declining. A dying tree might be a big safety hazard or possibly cause structural damage to your property. On top of dying or dead trees, trees that hinder new construction should also be removed. Tree removal has a lot of inherent risk involved, so rather than do it yourself, allow our trained professionals to remove and dying or dead trees for you. 

    While every tree has it's life span, not all of them reach their full potential. In the event of storm damage causes trees on your property to become damaged, Grant Leighton offers 24 hour emergency tree/branch removal services. Texas is known for its fickle weather, so whether it be wind, rain, floods, tornadoes, or anything Mother Nature throws at you, let us help remove any fallen trees and branches. Don't wait for a tree to fall and damage your property, call us to assist before (or after) it becomes a problem. 

     Call us at (972)422-0169 extension #107