• Landscape Design & Enhancements

  • Improving your landscape for years to come can be one of the most cost-effective expenditures for your site. Our landscape designers can evaluate your site and create a landscape (within your budget) that maximizes natural assets, increases aesthetics, and accomplishes a number of practical solutions that contribute to curb appeal. Here is what you can expect from our enhancements:


    Branding. Add customized seasonal color displays or ‘Colorscaping’ to make your site unique. Your customers and tenants will feel the subtle attention to this eye-catching detail.

    Rejuvenate. Like interior spaces, landscapes get tired and dated and periodically need refreshing. Restore your landscape by adding new plants, hardscape, or focal points. Sometimes this is as simple as new mulch, Holiday lighting, or adding a few new pots by the front entry.

    Living fence. Install trees or shrubs to soften unsightly features or an undesirable view.

    Foot traffic. People tend to take the easiest path, not always what was originally intended. Often it’s best not to fight this pattern, and instead create a hard surface suitable to the need. Our experts can advise on the many options available from decorative concrete pavers to compacted blue stone dust.

    Safety. Eliminate potential hazards from your site before they become a problem. Whether it is a 60 year old dead tree, or simply an overgrown shrub at an intersection, you should address these to reduce liability.

    Security. Decrease your chances of unwanted visitors with additional landscaping. Overgrown shrubs have become a safe haven for those with harmful intentions. Pay attention to entries, stairwells to make sure there are no easy places to hide.

     Water Management. Mitigate any storm water challenge with our water management analysis’, engineered solutions, and installation expertise. Drain tiles, swales, dry stream beds, and water gardens are just some of the creative and appealing solutions to handle excess water flow. Turn these negatives into an asset!