• Seasonal Colors

  • Annual Rotation provides optimum seasonal color custom designed to meet each client's specific needs. The difference lies in more complete customer service and more comprehensive maintenance. An attractive environment can make a big difference in developing new client interest your property as well as add to employee satisfaction. Here is what you can expect from our seasonal fauna:


    Color. Bright, diverse color uniquely designed for your property and your specific needs.

    Branding. Standardize your landscapes. Not only will your site be unique. but we can design a plan for the varying conditions of your site. There's no problem with incorporation drought-restraint varieties for those hard-to-water places or varieties that do well in the shade.

    Versatile. Seasonal color can be used for decorating flower beds, container pots, and to entrance signs.

    Unique Varieties. Grant Leighton has proven varieties for you to try and continues to test new varieties, so you'll never tire of the same plantings year after year.

    Creativity. We can offer innovative suggestions to get the most from your planting area. Our trained color designers can keep year-round interest in your property, helping to increase aesthetic appeal.

    Proper Maintenance. We don't just plant a rotation and hope for the best. A scheduled maintenance plan, including intergrated pest management, disease control, horticultural work, fertilization and watering keeps your beds in top condition. We address issues before they become problems.

    Communication. We stay in close touch with you. If you have any problems, let your property manager know and they will be fixed promptly.

    Cost-savings. By carefully planned, vibrant use of color, we can eliminate at least one plant rotation a year with your beds looking better than ever. In addition, we can begin to incorporate perennials that can be naturalized on your site, reduced yearly expenses. And, Grant Leighton is happy to work with you on additional cost savings.

    Site Evaluation and Consultation. Our evaluation takes into account the site and your specific needs before we make recommendations. We carefully measure beds, do PH testing of soil, examine environmental and site conditions, and offer you options. We're in the business of problem-solving to create beautiful environments.

    Quality. Grant Leighton, in business for more than 30 years, has a reputation for the highest quality landscape work in the area. Our record guarantees that you'll be impressed by the quality seasonal colors we provide.