• Trees, Shrubs, & Ornamental Plant Maintenance

  • Watering

    Successful planting or transplanting in hinged on many factors. Time of the year, species, existing health, and soil type are all key contributors to a successful planting. However, adequate moisture to the roots during initial establishment is likely the most important ingredient. It takes between 1-2 years before newly planted trees and shrubs become established - they are most vulnerable during this period and need adequate water to maintain health and vigor. To ensure proper growth and health, our team of professionals will closely monitor your plants until established. Whether we install permanent or temporary irrigation, or simply use gator bags, we'll oversee your plantings for those critical establishment years.

  • Fertilizing

    Many incorrectly think fertilizer is "plant food". Plants make their own food in their leaves with the aid of the sun through photosynthesis. Fertilizer is more similar to vitamins for a plant; it is necessary for replenishing nutrients in the trees and shrubs. By performing soil tests and closely monitoring your plants, we can determine which fertilizer is needed to keep them healthy.

  • Mulching

    Using sshredded hardwood bark for mulch is another important element for plant health care. Mulching helps retain moisture, provides insulation for the roots, and is a good barrier against weeds. In addition, we top dress beds with mulch to make them look fresh and active.

    Prior to mulching, our crews create a neat, clean edge to clearly define beds from turf.

  • Pruning

    For safety and structural purposes, it is important to continually prune your trees and shrubs. It takes a real professional to know what, when, and where to prune. Improper pruning may lead to reduced flowering and overall performance. Our staff horticulturist routinely trains crews on proper tree and shrub pruning.