• Courtesy of New Leaf Landscaping

    If you want to make an exceptional first impression commercial landscaping is a great way to show off office areas and outside spaces. Making spaces look tidy and professional will leave a great first impression.

    What a client first sees can help to paint a picture of what they think about your company. If your landscaping is cluttered and neglected they are more likely to think your company is disorganized. Having a tidy and aesthetically pleasing space can make the clients think your company is reliable and trustworthy.

    Office spaces can say a lot about the company, from the colors, layout and the features. To stand out and make the available space more appealing there are various creative things you can do. Displaying plants, rocks and fountains can be a great way to use dead space. This will instantly provide a great visual experience for whoever walks through the doors.

    Outdoor spaces that are landscaped can have a positive effect not only with clients but also employees. Utilizing spaces to benefit staff where they can have somewhere to go and relax during their breaks can leave employees feeling positive and refreshed.

    Commercial landscaping isn’t only about outside areas, making the most out of the inside space can also make the office look brighter and cleaner.

    What about the maintenance?
    The key to any landscaping is to make sure that you choose options that you can maintain and upkeep. There are various options like choosing plants that need less maintenance and features that are manageable.

    The painter David Hockney once said on landscapes “enjoyment of the landscape is a thrill” and it can be a thrill to your clients.