• Courtesy of Groundscarelandscape

    The shrubs that line the first floor of your commercial property are nicely pruned. The flowers outside the entryway are in full bloom. And the mulch is still in place despite the torrential April rains.

    Can’t you wait until next month to jump into commercial lawn maintenance?

    No matter how attractive your commercial property is, you should never forgo regular lawn mowing. That’s because your tenants likely care as much about their health and safety as they do about curb appeal.

    3 Safety Benefits of Commercial Lawn Maintenance

    (1) Reduce Tenants’ Allergy Symptoms

    Out-of-control allergy season is upon us once again. But did you know that you can help reduce the symptoms that you and your tenants might experience – simply by scheduling regular commercial lawn maintenance? Regular trimming strengthens grass roots, which filter pollutants and dust particles from the air. Schedule regular lawn mowing to help prevent allergy causing weeds from growing wild.

    (2) Limit Tenants’ Exposure to Chemicals

    Irregular lawn maintenance could entice rodents and other pests to nest in your commercial lawn. Getting rid of these critters might require the use of pesticides, which could seep into local water sources and the air outside your building. Keep grass trimmed regularly to prevent the need for pest control, including the potential need for pesticides and other chemicals.

    (3) Help Prevent Tenants from Tripping and Falling

    Most tenants will use the sidewalk while walking to the entrance of your property. But what if a tenant is running late and makes a beeline across the lawn – only to twist her ankle in the clumpy grass? Tenant injuries caused by irregular lawn mowing could put you at risk for a lawsuit. You never know when someone might walk across your lawn, so be prepared with regular commercial lawn maintenance.