• Courtesy of Ground Care Landscape

    Bugs are an unavoidable consequence of venturing outside, but you don’t have to allow them to wreak havoc on the plants on your commercial property. Employing a proper commercial lawn landscape maintenance plan can safeguard your grounds against annoying and damaging bug infestations, without using copious amounts of pesticide. Simply keep these tips in mind:

    Keep your grass healthy: “The best way to prevent damage from lawn pests is to keep grass healthy,” say the experts at the University of California’s Statewide Integrated Pest Program. The best way to promote healthy grass on your commercial property is to utilize the services of an experienced commercial lawn landscape maintenance provider who understands the ins and outs of professional lawn care.

    Grow the right grass: Which species of grass are native to your climate? Of those native grasses, which ones are ideally suited to grow on the grounds around your buildings? Unless you can answer these two questions quickly (and without looking up the answers online), you should let commercial lawn landscape maintenance experts handle your grass care needs. Planting the right kind of grass will cut down on the amount of maintenance required to keep your lawn healthy and pest-free.

    Irrigation is important: Sunlight and water, two key components for healthy plant growth, can become problematic if your grass doesn’t get the right amount of each. A well-designed, properly-maintained irrigation system is essential for promoting lawn health and preventing pest infestation.

    Get your thatch under control: Thatch is the coating of undecomposed organic material on top of the soil of your lawn. When your thatch gets too thick, it can act as a sanctuary for cinch bugs and caterpillars, two common lawn pests. Proper irrigation (see above) and lawn aeration are two ways that a commercial lawn landscape maintenance provider can keep the thatch on your commercial property under control.

    A lot of time, effort, and expertise will be required to properly care for a commercial property’s lawn and keep it pest-free. Why should you waste your energy trying to keep up with the latest tips and techniques when you could just hire a commercial lawn landscape maintenance provider who can take care of everything for you?